Monday, September 29, 2008


I went to another school function today, a walk around central London (we really didn't cover that much distance). It was kind of pointless as far as seeing London or getting our bearings, because we turned quite a lot and I was never quite sure where I was. But it was great for meeting people! I hung out with some of the girls I met before, but I also met lots of new people (again, mostly girls). I spent most of the walk with a really nice girl from Chile. I think she might actually be shorter than me. It always really throws me off when grown people are shorter than me, because it really doesn't happen very often. Generally, the only people shorter than me are kids.

I had lunch with six people I met today, and we're gonna get together tonight and go out somewhere for drinks. Yay! That should make up for my lame day yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, today I saw one of the girls I was supposed to hang out with. She didn't have my info, and I didn't have hers, so we were both basically relying on the other girl to communicate with us. So I guess I can't blame her for bailing on me. I suppose I'll put her back on my good list. Before the walk, she invited me to the Natural History Museum this afternoon, and also mentioned a really good deal to Rome for this weekend. We agreed that we had to get each other's contact info before today was over...but then we got split into different groups and I haven't seen her. Whoops. Oh well, we'll see each other tomorrow.

So Rome, huh? It's not one of my priority places to see while I'm over here, so I never really considered it, but if it's cheap...Nah, it's still money I'm not yet sure I can afford. If she had suggested Scotland or Amsterdam or Ireland, I'd so be there. I'll see Rome another time.

Oh, and I learned something about Soho. I don't know where the name for Soho in NYC originated, but apparently the Soho here used to be hunting grounds, "with as many as 100 pigs." Supposedly, "soho" was a hunting cry. I'm not sure how believable that is...


  1. As many as 100 pigs?! That's a lot of pigs.

  2. Rome? I would have gone in an instant! That's one of my dream destinations.

    The girl from Chile is shorter than you? She must be tiny! ;-) But I understand how you feel. I feel so awkward having to look down to speak to someone! I'm so used to being the shortest one that it completely throws me off.

    Miss you!

  3. Rome is rad. I'll bring the Mrs. there someday.