Monday, September 08, 2008

Mmm, money

I sold some stuff via on Friday, and then I held a garage sale yesterday and today. Things were pretty slow at times, especially this morning. And for some odd reason, people kept paying me with pocket change today. I mean, $6 or $7 worth of pocket change. From three different people! The kid that lives across the street bought my speakers for $7 with $2 in rolled pennies and $5 in loose quarters. But hey, $7 is $7.

I just finished up and counted all the cash, expecting somewhere around $600. Including all the pocket change, I made just over $1000 in three days! Amazing! So big thank you's to all the people who donated their stuff and their time! Thanks to Becky and John for being enthusiastic sandwich-board people (minus the sandwich boards). Thanks to Ross and Sandra for the donated big-ticket items. Thanks to Pops for all the time and junk you donated. Thanks to Michele for the sandwiches and moral support. And thanks to Amy for letting Pops clear out all the stuff you had in storage at his house. Barbie's got a new home! And thanks to all the random neighbors who forked over a lot of money for my junk.

While I wouldn't exactly call it "fun" to have a garage sale (in fact, I whined about it both days), I do certainly enjoy large wads of cash. Now I can buy food when I get to London!


  1. That's cool, Kusems! I don't think I would get anywhere close to $1000 for my junk.

  2. Oh -- and thanks for the Tim's Cascade chips that I had during the sale. Mmmmmmmm...
    I think they helped me scream and shout to the drivers.

  3. LOVE the picture.

  4. Wow. That's awesome. Good job!! I've begrudgingly participated in a few garage sales in the past and never been anywhere near that successful. Maybe I would have found them much more enjoyable if they had had such a great payoff. Yay for being able to eat!