Friday, September 19, 2008


Hello everyone. I'm writing you from an internet cafe. £1 per hour! I have no idea if that's a good deal, but it doesn't really matter. I've walked all over London in the last two hours trying to find a cafe with free wifi. I'm not sure they exist.

Anyhoo...where to begin. I think I'm still quite jetlagged, because I'm getting frustrated and cranky easily. So far no leads on apartments, but I haven't had internet access in order to really search. But I suppose I have time. I feel kind of aimless in general, though. Useless.

The jetlag is weird because I keep waking up at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning (9pm-ish in Seattle) just starving, even though I've had a good dinner. Then, of course, I can't fall asleep. I hope I adjust soon.

I saw Izzi today. That was great. I spent a few hours with her and her boyfriend. They used their iPod Nano's to help me search for apartment ads. I think I'll get to see her again next week, so that's something to look forward to.

My flight was great. You know how when you get on a plane, you wonder who you'll be stuck next to? Maybe it'll be someone nice and friendly, or maybe someone really annoying and chatty, or maybe your future spouse. But you don't really entertain the possibility that there won't be anyone next to you. My plane was only about 75% full, so lots of people, including me had empty seats next to them. It was great because I could put up the armrest between the two seats and sort of stretch out to sleep. So I ended up sleeping for much of the flight, maybe 5 or 6 hours. Also, the flight somehow arrived an hour earlier than was printed on the ticket.

I've been spending these first three nights "couchsurfing" with a woman in Camden. I had serious issues finding her place, and along the way, one of the wheels of my luggage broke. Ah, memories of Arles! Becky, did you burn yourself on your wheel cuz it was hot from friction? I had to basically drag the bag across the sidewalk for about a mile. I think I may have left two black lines on Camden Road, one for going up the street, and one for when I realized I'd gone way too far, and had to come back. My shoulders and back are dying. Camden is brilliant, though! I love it. Unfortunately, it's also kind of spendy, so it's unlikely I'll be able to live there.

I've heard about as many American accents so far as British accents. Most accents, though, are neither. It's funny to ride the Tube and wonder just how many people on your train are actually British.

Well, I should probably start focusing on finding an apartment. Thank you all for your emails and messages! I love you guys! Cross your fingers and pray that I can get settled down soon. Amy, stay safe! Latuhz!


  1. Oh so you are on the Internets in a London cafe'? Well Miss Fancy-Pants, I am responding to your blog on a Seattle bus!!! Take that! And while your fancy friends can look up flats with their iPod Nanos (Nanoes?), I just ordered a pizza to be delivered using a Bluetooth mp3 player! You may feel useless now, but just wait until school. You'll have a purpose then. And there are a TON of wifi spots in gray London. Check your email, yo.

  2. Maybe I should change your name in my phone to "London", so that every time you call me, it says, "London Calling". Hehe!

  3. You can order pizza on mp3 players??

  4. migrainemaven9/19/2008 4:26 PM phone is an mp3 player--and gets the internet, so why not?

    And no, alas, it's not an iPhone. It's an OLD phone. Ancient, even. Kinda like me...

  5. One day in Britain and you're already replacing "awesome" with "brilliant"? Poseur! (I am impressed that I spelled "poseur" correctly.) What do you call food cravings in the very early morning? It's not jetlag. How about jet-appetite?