Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brickworks Market

After my perfect Sunday mojo weeks ago, I decided to have another go at making Sunday magic. Adelaide has quite a few weekend markets going on, but some only run once a month or every other week or only during summer months or whatever.

We've driven past the site of Brickworks Market a few times, and the website for it describes all sorts of things you can buy there, including handmade goods. I wanted to see if, just maybe, I could get my hands on some wool (yes, I have a one-track mind). The market runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so I walked down there last Sunday to check it out.

I made it ma'self. Ain't I clever?
It's set in an old (guess, go on, guess!) brick-making factory. Hence Brickworks. Clever, huh? There's a big old kiln that used to fit up to 300,000 bricks. Now it fits...

The innards
Well, unfortunately, I'm not really sure what it fits. I think a couple factors may have contributed to my market fail. One, The Show is in town and any vendor worth their salt would probably be selling there instead of here. Those vendors not worth their salt probably expected all the customers to be at The Show, too.

Two, it's still early spring. It didn't look like these stalls were empty just for the day. It looked like they'd been deserted a while. Maybe people just don't bother when it's not blazing hot outside?

Third, for three-day market, perhaps Sunday is their slowest day. Who knows?

I'll have to try again in a couple months, when the weather is hot and Christmas approacheth.

I wasn't ready to home, yet. It was a gorgeous day and I wanted to do something, particularly something involving the purchase of wool!! I am determined, if nothing else.

I knew the Handspinners & Weavers Guild of South Australia was just a bit further down the road and open on Sundays. Just a bit further, right?? I continued down the road...and continued...and continued for three-quarters of a mile until I was exhausted and thirsty and a bit peckish too. At a big intersection, I gave up and went to buy refreshment at a gas station and Oh! Why, I do believe that is the Guild itself just two doors further down! I made it! The day isn't a total loss, I shan't return home empty-handed!

Wait, what's that note on the door?

"Closed. Come visit our booth at the Royal Adelaide Show!"

Sigh...I guess I lost my Sunday mojo this week. But hey, at least I spent some time in the sun and got some exercise, right?


  1. What, you? Peckish?? I don't believe it...