Sunday, September 16, 2012


Product placement! I think I'll do product reviews on this stuff as I use it. Cute bag, huh? It's nice and big, perfect for a beach bag. Until beachy weather, I'm using it to store all my knitting stuff, which had previously been sitting in various piles on the floors of various rooms.

Review #1: Those "Delites" snacky things. They're sea salt and balsamic vinegar flavoured rice crisps. Sounds wonderful! I love rice crisps, I love sea salt, I love balsamic vinegar! Sadly, they were not a "delite" to eat. The flavour combination doesn't work. The vinegar is way too strong, especially for rice crisps. It needs to be toned down one or two degrees.

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  1. Cute bag! Oh, I forgot to ask in your last post, did you MAKE that retro postcard of the Brickworks? But how?