Saturday, September 29, 2012


We get so much friggin' junk mail!! (And very little actual mail. Boohoo! Send us letters!!!) Junk mail fliers actually litter the streets of our suburb. I got to thinking. I mean, we have a fireplace that we use occasionally to heat our cozy little flat, and the junk mail comes in really handy for kindling material. But it's getting warmer now. I was reminded of an old paper-making kit that I had in high school. I think I used it about 3 times, but always really enjoyed it. Surely, if I had a kit, I could turn all this junk mail into beautiful, craft-worthy paper??

A quick check on ebay and Amazon. Looks like there's nothing cheaper than $30. Hm, what to do, what to do?
Oh right, in the same "do it myself" spirit that I've been relishing for the past few months, I could make myself a kit! And of course, there are several youtube videos out there using simple materials. Now I just need to acquire two matching wooden picture or canvas frames (craft store), a staple gun (Hugh's dad?), and some nylon screen for windows (surely, the giant hardware store up the road will have some).

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  1. If Hugh's dad doesn't have a staple gun, you can acquire a cheap one at a hardware store. I think I bought mine at Lowe's for $10 or something.