Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Work work work

Phew! The last few days were a bit more stressful than they really needed to be. I received an email on Friday about the job interview this week, saying they had a task for me to accomplish before the interview. I put it out of my mind on Friday, totally forgot about it on Saturday and spent the whole day knitting, then discovered on Sunday that they wanted me to do a mini literature review by Wednesday, 8am. Since I now work (yay!!) Monday and Tuesday on another literature review, I knew I'd only have the evenings to work on it.

So yeah, I totally panicked.

But I focused, didn't do any knitting or scrapbooking or Internet trawling, and got it done. I have no idea if it's any good or what they were looking for, but it's submitted and I don't care anymore. Also, I don't really even want this job, and even if I did I don't think they can give it to me (for visa reasons). So whatever.

I'm enjoying my new job, though. Sadly, it's only two days a week, and only for three months or so. But wages are high here and that may cover rent and a bit leftover. We'll see. My first paycheck isn't for a few weeks yet. But the university is beautiful! It's quite a ways out of town and is really sprawling, so that there's loads of green space between the different groups of buildings. To get to the main campus, I have to climb a big hill, then take this bridge over a tree-filled gully.

 And this was my veggie burger lunch yesterday, which kept trying to blow away in the high winds. It was tasty!

*Thanks, Becky! I grabbed "Blogging for Creatives" from the library and it got me thinking about my boring design.

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