Saturday, September 22, 2012

E for Ethel

Because I'm sad and lonely and don't know anyone in Adelaide, I joined some local groups on One of them is a crafters group (yay!) and they were advertising a crocheting event at a place called E for Ethel in North Adelaide.

I thought maybe, just maybe, this place would sell yarn, because they have regular crochet classes and events. I went to check it out a couple weeks ago, and then I attended the crochet event on Thursday night.

Sadly, they do not sell yarn. But I'm still in love with E for Ethel. It's a cafe and shop mix, and they sell original artwork, graphic prints, and handmade knickknacks of all sorts, all made in Australia. It's wonderful!! I know where I'll be getting any gifts for the next year. Ethel celebrated her 1st birthday last week, so she's relatively new to the Adelaide cafe scene.

Sorry, that photo's a bit fuzzy, but I was trying to be slightly stealthy about photographing my work in public. (I don't know why I bother owning a camera if I'm gonna be frightened of taking pictures in public, but whatever.) There is a large basket of de-stashed yarn, and I was able to snag a ball that matched the project I'm currently working on.

On my previous visit, I had spotted these crochet hook sets by UrbanSiesta, and since I got paid on Thursday, I couldn't possibly resist buying one!

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