Thursday, September 13, 2012

Royal Adelaide Show!

Ooh ooh ooh, the county fair is in town and I was so excited to go! 'Round these parts, they call it the Royal Adelaide Show, and it's essentially just like the Puyallup Fair. We went on Tuesday, when the weather was just right.

We started off the day with breakfast at the Central Market: pork sizzlebuns, coconut cocktail buns, and sugar butter buns...I'm drooling just thinking about it two days later...

At the Show, there was lots of stuff on display, including Greek desserts that I really must try some time. There were also scarecrows, and bonsai trees, and a train layout (lame compared to Grandpa P's) and sheep-shearing demonstrations, and cow-milking, and pig races, and competitive wood cutting! I bought two new skeins of beautiful wool (pictures another time).

Towards the afternoon, we took a ride on the ferris wheel, where we could see for miles and miles around. And then I just had to have a "Dagwood Dog," which is really a corndog by another name. It made me oh-so-happy.

Then I bought a "showbag." Hugh says, back in the day, showbags were free and full of samples for various products. These days, you can choose from over 300 showbags offered by different brands, but they cost money. For example, Mars will sell a Skittles showbag, a Starburst showbag, a chocolate get the picture. I chose a women's fashion magazine that I've read a couple times, because they had the cutest bag. It came with a pair of sunglasses, a wallet, 3 magazines, and a bunch of samples. I'll post about it later cuz I don't have pictures at the mo'. Then we went home and flopped on the bed in exhaustion.


  1. Fun! I like the sound of those showbags. You and your corndogs! Gross. Too fake. Except for the fake cornbread part. That part's delicious.

  2. I went to Remlinger last weekend and went on some rides! Very piddly in comparison, but it's like we were connected in spirit! :D

  3. haha Yeah, totally connected in spirit. I didn't know Remlinger had rides. Was it for a fair?

    1. No, they have permanent rides now! Isn't that strange? They're just small kiddy rides, though. They run them spring, summer, and fall. :)

    2. I can understand your joy - fake cornbread is delish.