Monday, October 06, 2008

I heart TV

The greatest thing about living in England is that I can download something called 4oD for free, and it gives me access to some of the best British television ever made, as well as some American shows. All for free, on demand, and all completely legal. Last night, I watched the first episode of "Spaced." For free! Then I watched the Daily Show, and tonight I watched the first episode of "Skins." So awesome!!! I may never leave my room again. (I know Sara will probably be the only person who has even heard of these shows, but so far, they're GREAT!) This is truly why I came over here.

So, today I had a bit of a date. I don't want to go into too much detail here, but if you want more, you can email me (there isn't really all that much to say at this point). When I left the hostel, we exchanged infos and decided to meet up. We went to the British museum today. It turns out, neither of us could really care less about most of the stuff at the British museum, but we both wanted to see the more modern stuff contained in the Europe section. Of course, that particular section was inexplicably closed. Whatevs. We had been there for a while when I remembered that the Rosetta Stone is housed there. Oh yeah! So I had to go check that out, just for the sake of it. I was amazed at how even and regular the lines were chiseled into the stone. That takes talent.

Anyway, as for my date, he's not Scottish, so it's hard to say where this will go. ;-)

Have I mentioned that I love my schoolmates? They're all fantastic! If the rest of the year continues like the last week and a half, it's going to be an amazing year. I've been out to pubs the last three nights in a row. Doctor says it's really unhealthy to have more than two units per week (since when?) so I better slow down! Actually, I didn't end up drinking at all last night, depsite going to two different pubs. The money lasts longer that way.

I've given up on shopping for housewares in English stores. Tomorrow after my first class (!!), I'm going to IKEA. In fact, I'll probably have to go multiple times, because there's only so much I can carry. There are four IKEAs in the greater London area. But much like the "Seattle" IKEA is in Kent, none of the "London" IKEAs are all that close to London. There is one that can be reached more-or-less by tube, so I plan to check that one out. We'll see how much I can carry. I have quite a long list.


  1. YAY for British TV. I'm downloading the first episode of the new season of Never Mind the Buzzcocks (which started this week) right now! I can't wait for Simon Amstell-y goodness. After that, I'm downloading Russell's radio show. I love British entertainers. :)

  2. Nice job on getting a date before classes even start. Smooth!
    You mentioned that Doctor said two "units" of alcohol per week, etc. Units? Units?! I've heard doctors on E.R. say "I need two units of O-Neg, stat!" which I would guess means 2000 c.c.'s which I know means 2000 cubic centimeters which I know means 2 liters. So, the big question is, does a unit of alcohol mean a nutritional serving or does it mean a liter?
    If you have 2 liters of beer per week in London, you'll fit right in...
    Have a great first day of classes!

  3. I heart IKEA!

    So, a date, eh? Did you snog or shag? I hear British people do those things sometimes.

  4. Tim here - Isobel's boyfriend. Just a bit of alcoholic advice (from an extremely experienced source) - 2 units in the UK means about 1 pint of weak (3.5%) lager or a small glass of 12% wine. 2 units a week?! That's sheer crazy talk, nobody (or no dedicated student, at least) can cope with such an insignificant alcohol intake - it's not even enough to ward off the shakes in the morning...