Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yay for mail!

YAAYYY!!!! My very first mails! Thanks Sarah, John, and Becky! You guys made my day.

Today was pretty packed. Extended epi in the morning, a seminar on rodents and the Plague during lunch (bad idea?), Health Policy, Process, and Power in the afternoon, and my first meeting with my tutor in the evening.

I wasn't sure how much I'd like Health Policy, Process, and Power (HPPP), but the course description sounded promising. After attending the first lecture, I'm really not sure I'll like this class. It's a lot of theory, and a lot of looking at health policies of different countries and figuring out why and how they came up with that policy. Not really my area of interest, but the choice was between HPPP and Health Economics. I'm pretty sure I would hate econ, so I'll stick with this. We'll see if it gets any better.

Meeting with my tutor was a'ight. Everyone is assigned a tutor, and the tutor is supposed to help the student figure out what topic he or she wants to focus on for future classes and for the final dissertation project. So he should be very helpful to me, since I have a hard time prioritising my interests.

After meeting with him, I went to go buy milk...and got distracted by CLOTHES! I bought four shirts from a store called New Look and I feel me a little bit bad, but not much. I need shirts. I have exactly seven shirts that I brought from home. Plus, I only spent 22 GBP! They were originally 28 GBP, but I got a 20% student discount. Now, you're not supposed to convert that to dollars, because prices here aren't the same as at home, but even if you do, that still averages out to about $11 a shirt. Not bad, right? I don't think so. Of course, it does highlight the fact that I'm a little bit obsessed with shopping right now, which could be dangerous. I need to make sure my money lasts through the year. Earlier today, I also bought a toaster, hair dryer, and pink polka dot dishes. But these are all necessary, so I shouldn't feel bad. I would take pictures for you, but my camera battery is dying. Alas!

Okay, I'm off to make dinner and watch "Skins," er, I mean, study.

P.S. Becky, of course, by "bucks," I mean "pounds," or as the English more commonly say, "quid." I think they use "bucks" on occasion.

P.P.S. Did you know the British pronounce the letter "h" as "haytch" with a heavy "h?" Cuz they do. It always catches my attention. It gets a bit annoying when you hear the word "HIV" several times a day.


  1. Would you say, Kusems, that you're kind of a girly-girl because you love shopping for clothes and pink polka-dotted objects? Of course, you are way more than a one-dimensional stereotype, but I'm struck by the intensity of the shopping glee. Where does this come from? Please elaborate...

  2. Your HPPP class sounds interesting to me. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

    Buying clothes is always good but I think you may have turned into a shopaholic.

    Skins! I love Chris.

  3. migrainemaven10/09/2008 4:36 PM

    Isn't New Look great? I got a shrug there for only £10.

    hahaha...."realisation"...what's next? "whilst"? "honour"? "connexion"? Next thing you know, you'll be saying "zed".

  4. What's a shrug, migrainemaven?

  5. Gerry and Linda say "haytch" all the time and, at first, it made me laugh. Now it makes my eyes twitch. :D

  6. migrainemaven10/10/2008 3:09 PM