Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's almost daylight's 4am. I just got home from a place called Barfly. Classy, huh? Actually, it was great. It wasn't too posh or trendy. Kind of just a relaxed atmosphere, as much as a completely packed club with loud music can be relaxed.

We started out at the U of L Union bar, where all drinks were 1.80 pounds. Not bad! I had three vodka and cranberries, but still wasn't drunk. It was me, three Irish girls, and a Canadian guy. At some point, he started reading everyone's palms. Apparently, I'm going to marry someone unattractive, and die a tragic and early death. I would expect no better from Lady Destiny. Then we headed to Camden for clubbing. The guy didn't want to come, but we forced him to. Poor thing. Then we played the "wander around the city looking for good places" game. I've played this game several times, in various cities, and I've never succeeded at finding much. We seriously walked up and down Camden high street, stopped for food twice, almost went to an outdoor hookah bar, but then didn't, stood around on the sidewalk for ages debating, then finally found Barfly. The guy was gonna charge us 8 GBP each to get in, until he saw that there were five of us, and he let us in for 5 pounds each. Sweet! It was a fun place, but the music could have been a bit better. There were good moments, though. At one point, I was sitting it out cuz I was tired and the music sucked, and then "Intergalactic Planetary" came on, so of course I jumped up and started dancing like a fool. This is mostly in tribute to John, but also because I love the song, and also in tribute to my old lab buddies. This guy I used to work with, Sam, loved the Beastie Boys, and I supported said love, so whenever a Beastie Boys song came on the radio (most often "Intergalactic Planetary"), I would turn it up really loud. If I didn't do it quick enough, Sam would call my name warningly from across the lab. So this one goes out to my homies in the lab!


  1. Sweeeeet! Intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic!
    Aren't you tired at 4 am?? How do you have the energy to do all this stuff nowadays?

  2. The answer is: she doesn't. Didn't you read her next blog? She doesn't exercise, she doesn't have a regular sleep schedule, she doesn't eat right, and she doesn't have her CPAP machine (because I haven't sent it yet). It's a wonder the girl can put on the same-colored socks in the morning!