Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life is busy

Becky (and maybe Jody): beware scary picture below


Just checked my time schedule: hot professor again on Friday! This one's a lab, though, so less of a risk of not being able to concentrate (also, more chance of actually interacting with him...)

So, turns out I'm a busy, busy girl. Will write more on the weekend? Lame, I know. Tomorrow night is a group trip to Ikea (yay for measuring cups!), and Friday is Halloween. I will be attending no less than three parties! Woohoo! My classmate, Carina, gave me a costume suggestion that I can totally do. I was thinking I would have to resort to being a witch, which I've never been before and I was sort of not thrilled about. I don't know, must be residual religious conservatism from our family's cult-church days, when we were discouraged from even celebrating Halloween. Yes, I was a deprived child. Anyway, what I'm gonna be instead will probably look an awful lot like what I would have looked like as a witch, but minus the pointy hat and plus a scythe. What am I gonna be? The grim reaper? No, silly! Black Death (aka the Bubonic Plague). Have to give it an infectious disease spin.

I was thinking about adding a Plague doctor mask to really round out the outfit, but a) that would be hard to make, and b) those things seriously creep me out, and will probably creep others out as well. But if I did do it, I would fill it with garlic just to be really authentic.

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  1. Kusems, you're my hero. I wish I was as clever and entertaining as you are.

    Love, Amy

    P.S. The BUBONIC plague! Brilliant!