Friday, October 03, 2008

Need thicker walls

Today, I applied for a bank account and shopped for a cell phone plan. I can't get a monthly cell phone plan until I have a bank card, but I think I've figured out which one I want. One company offers a Skype phone, but it won't be worth it if no one else downloads Skype. If I get that one, you can call my cell from your Skype accounts (on your computers) or I can call your Skype accounts from my cell for free. The phone is also MSN Messenger-enabled, so we could chat for free (I think). Of course, you would all be tied to your computers, but I would be able to talk to you from wherever.

This afternoon, after we looked at malaria-infected blood and a stool sample under the microscope, I bought a "kitchen starter kit" from Argos. It comes with pots, a pan, a stir-fry pan, silverware, steak knives, real knives, a cutting board, some tupperware, and all the basic kitchen utensils like a can opener and slotted spoon and all that. All for 30 GBP. I also bought a digital voice recorder because I'm worried I'll space out in lectures. I'm not sure it's very high quality, though. We'll see.

I feel really dull right now. I think it's because I've had a couple drinks. I didn't get my act together in time to cook myself dinner (what else is new?) so I decided to check out the prices at the dorm cafeteria. Not too bad! I bought some dinner, than tried to find a place to sit. There was a girl sitting at a two-person table not far from me, and an empty table on the other side of the room, so I decided to be social and sit with the girl. We started chatting, then she asked what the thing on my phone was. I explained it was from "Doctor Who" and my friend got it for me from ComiCon. She confessed that she was an uber-geek and loved sci-fi! Nice, huh? It totally made me think of Sara. I added her on Facebook, so maybe we can geek out together sometime.

Which reminds me, Izzi apparently does still love me because she called me on Skype tonight. Yay! We talked about "Doctor Who" (among other things) and how David Tennant's hair is awesome.

Anyway, after dinner, two of my classmates who live in my hall came and found me, and we went pub-hopping. I've been craving "chips" (fries) since I got here, and after two drinks, I felt like I had a solid justification for having some fries. Mmmm. Happy.

...And the shine has just worn off of my new home. I just heard my neighbors having sex. Well, I heard the woman's side of it. Ick.


  1. Let me know when your neighbor shouts in the middle of the night, "You just totally sat on my face, Alison!"

    (Actual comment heard from our Queen Anne neighbors)

    Sitting on faces is actually a very British thing! Some famous Brits once sang a song called "Sit on My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me." From now on, I shall try to connect all of my comments to Britain somehow.

  2. I want to have cool hair like David Tennant's. I just need to figure out who that is exactly...

  3. I'm glad your flashing TARDIS was a conversation starter! :)