Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poopy lectures

Still not sick, but feeling like I'm getting sick. I'm really hoping this is the worst of it, cuz I can totally handle this. I'm even going to try yoga for the first time tonight. My classmate, Laura, who lives in my building, wouldn't take my excuse of "Well, I sort of feel nauseous off and on."

We had two lectures this afternoon, both dealing with enteric pathogens. You know, the bugs that give you the squirts. There were lots of pictures of poop and damaged colons. One lecturer kindly shared this chart with us to illustrate that it's hard to define "diarrhea":

Lovely descriptions, non? He was a microbiologist, and he kept making jokes about virologists and cell biologists. His lecture totally reminded me of my medical micro professor back in college, who liked to say, "Poop is my bread and butter."

The great thing about this school is that we don't have the same lecturers every day, because they have experts in each topic come and share their knowledge. We hear from some of the world's leading experts on things like influenza, tuberculosis, and acute respiratory infections, to name a few. I guess that's why I'm paying so much money!

Oh man, almost time for yoga. I'm not sure this is such a good idea. Tomorrow, I may be sick and sore!


  1. Your blog cracks me up! But seriously though, I am learning all about poo too!:) More precisely, how to compost human waste. The Natural Resources Defense Council has me researching waterless toilets. I know - it sounds totally disgusting. I was surprise by the technology I founds that was actually clean, non-smelly, and safe as a way to decompose waste, sanitize it, and even use it as fertilizer for growing food - you know, like the way Mother Nature does!;) It has been really interesting. Who knew poo could be so useful?

  2. This post was just so great, for so many reasons.

    First "pooh sticks," and now this. You'll be quite the scatologist soon!