Tuesday, October 07, 2008

IKEA!!! and school

Oh, man, I'm on a high. I just got back from IKEA, and even though it was at least an hour away, this trip totally makes up for all the frustrating trips I've made to Argos, Primark, Woolworth's, and Sainsbury's.

Here's me, happy to finally be at IKEA.

Here's the luggage I brought with me so I would be able to carry all my loot home (looks pretty disheveled).

Here's me with my new items. Success!

Here's the take. So much stuff! I only had 65 GBP, and I was worried it would be more than that, but it was only 43 GBP! Yay! Money left over for the pub!

As you can see, I bought two trash cans, 32 hangers, 3 utensil cups, a dish drain, a reusable shopping bag (which came in very handy for carrying stuff home), a bath mat (my shower leaks water all over the floor), some drawer organizers, two dish cloths, two potholders, a pen cup, a shelf organizer, 12 glasses, a potted plant, and two plant pots. All for 43 bucks! And I managed to fit it all in my luggage, backpack, and the pictured bag. On the way back, a friendly Italian guy named Vincenzo ("Mamma!" "Vincenzo!" "Mamma!") chatted me up. He seemed very nice.

Today, ULU (University of London Union) was having a houseplant sale, so I went to check it out. They were selling that exact same plant for 3.99. I decided that was too much, and it turns out I was right! IKEA was selling it for 1.99. I plan to split it into two pots (hope that works!)

Tomorrow, I'm headed back to Argos to buy some pink polka-dot dishes. They are supposedly in stock, so wish me luck!

Oh yeah, then there's this school thing. I had my first real class today, and it was the one I'm the least thrilled about: statistics. Still, today was sort of introductory, so it wasn't bad at all. Plus, the class is for people who are interested in public health, not math, so the professors seem very understanding of the fact that everyone is starting at page 1. We had an hour of lecture, than an hour of "practical," which is like quiz section, where we split up into smaller groups and go over things more slowly. For the rest of the term, the practical will be first, followed by the lecture, which seems backwards to me. I always think of the practical as being like damage control for the lecture. But maybe this system will be good for reviewing last week's material right before we move on to new material. Anyway, Monday's are my "easy" day because I don't have class in the afternoon. Every other day of the week, I'm booked all day. Blech. So tomorrow is...um, actually, I don't know what tomorrow is. Oh yeah, epidemiology in the morning, and Introduction to Disease Agents and Their Control in the afternoon. A light day, really.

Wow, going back to school is harder than I thought. I keep forgetting to check my school email, print up lectures, and figure out when and where classes are. Enough blogging! I've got studying to do!


  1. Yay for your IKEA success! Good luck with all your studies!

    P.S. There is no way you're ever going to convince me that your classes are easy!;)

  2. You're just like Hermione Granger at Hogwarts, studying and going to crazy-sounding classes. Oh, except Hermione probably doesn't shop as much as you.

    When you say all your IKEA stuff cost 43 bucks, did it really cost 43 bucks? Or did it cost 86 US dollars?

  3. Good luck with statistics. Does the class require a fancy calculator?

  4. migrainemaven10/07/2008 5:47 PM

    Ahh...memories. Biosadistics and epidemonology. I guess you can't cut and go to dim sum like we used to, hunh?

    Ok--Sainsbury's is weak. Waitrose is a little better, but find a Tesco if you can.