Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Experimenting with my camera

Apparently, my camera has a "color accent" feature. Fun! So far, it only seems to pick up green and yellow. I'll have to keep experimenting.

That's my purse. It's green, like most of my purses, my winter coat, and a good portion of my clothing. Yay, green! The pin on the right says "Legalize Frostitution," which prompted Izzi to ask what frosting is.

"You know, the stuff they put on cakes or cupcakes."
"You mean, icing?"

Same thing! Silly Brits... And speaking of Brits, when I say that's my purse, it means "handbag" in British. But for the record, my "purse" (or wallet, in American) is green, too, with a little yellow pineapple embroidered on the front. So cute! I will never replace it until the day it falls to shreds.

I learn so much from Izzi!


  1. I call them Handbags too. Got a lot of teasings from my friends for that. :) Your new space looks pretty cool...very sleek looking, u know.

    Studying has been driving me crazy and I've got another final tomorrow and I'm home free!! It's gonna be an all nighter and I thought I should take a I decided to go on a blog walk. :)

    Well....take it easy!


  2. 10:04 PM

    Hi Karenzicus...this weblog is cool...yr right about the layout - its sleeker, more userfriendly...mmm...weighing my options now....
    Back home 'purses' are wallets...but here I've grown accustomed to asking for my 'pocketbook' which, according to my husband is the American version of a handbag...uggh, utterly confusing...but try this one:
    Back home, a diaper is called a nappy or a napkin. And back home an 'American napkin' is known as a 'serviette'. Also, an american 'sidewalk' is known as the 'pavement' back home....
    Isnt is all crazy?
    Anyway, love the new space...will you continue blogging on msn?