Friday, May 19, 2006

Really Stupid, Pointless Meme

Put in your area code

First number of prefix is dating status

1- Single but in love
2- Taken
3- Confused
4- single and confused (that’s me!)
5- taken and Happy
6- single
7- Taken and in Love
8- Want Someone but taken
9- Have a Crush
0- Just Dating
Next number put your current mood

1- Happy
2- Sad
3- Confused
4- Afraid
5- Excited
6- Cheerful
7- Sleepy
8- Angry
9- Stressed
0- Other (I’m slightly bored and generally anxious; as usual)
Next number is the color of your top

1- Black
2- blue
3- Red
4- Orange
5- white
6- Green
7- Yellow
8- Pink
9- Purple
0- Other (pink, of course!)
Next number is the month you were born in

1- Jan. or Feb.
2- Mar. (hey baby, what’s your sign?)
3- April
4- May
5- Jun. or Jul
6- Aug.
7- Sep.
8- Oct.
9- Nov.
0- Dec.
Next number is your fave color

1- Black
2- White
3- Pink
4- Blue
5- Green (yay chlorophyll!)
6- Purple
7- Yellow
8- Orange
9- Red
0- Other
Next number is your favorite sport

1- Soccer
2- Basketball
3- Swimming
4- Baseball (I’m not a sportsy person, but I’ve always loved playing and watching baseball)
5- Tennis
6- Football
7- Volleyball and/or Softball
8- Golf
9- Wrestling
0- Other
Last number is your sign

1- Aries (I have no idea what that says about me, and I don’t care)
2- Leo
3- Sagittarius
4- Taurus or Virgo
5- Capricorn
6- Gemini
7- Libra
8- Aquarius
9- Cancer
0- Scorpio or Pisces

I stumbled on this meme today at work in progress. At first, I thought it was something completely different than it is. The blogger had titled the entry “what your digits say about you,” I thought you were supposed to use your actual phone number and it was like a personality test. But that was wrong (and the title was misleading). You’re just supposed to choose the things that fit you, and construct a phone number from it. That seems way less interesting then a personality test. Pooh. Plus, what if you’re “taken and happy” but also “in love?” The test implies that “taken and happy” and “taken and in love” are mutually exclusive. You can’t be in love and also happy? Harsh!

At first, when I was reading it wrong, I thought there were ten questions, not seven, and you were supposed to start by area code. I had to laugh because the first number of my area code (back in the States) is 4, which corresponds to “single and confused.” So true! But it turns out that’s not at all what’s going on. I am thoroughly disappointed in this meme. It is poorly written, confusing, and lame anyway. Even if it were written better, is still would be a totally pointless waste of time. Meme’s are supposed to interesting. This one is not.

So my number is 425-400-2541 (yeah yeah yeah, I’m a snobby 425er). Now what am I supposed to do with it? Is this supposed to tell me something insightful about me? Or is it simply to tell my blogging audience a bunch of useless information about me? Most memes are designed to do that, which is fine, but this one really bugs me. If I wanted to tell you all that, why wouldn’t I find a simpler way to do it? Why wouldn’t I just give my answers (well, I did, actually)? Who of you really wants to scroll up and down trying to figure out what my “phone number” actually means? I certainly wouldn't do it, no offense. I’d like to track down the writer of this meme and give him or her a piece of my mind.

Photo: older photo of Narcissus, but the expression on his face corresponds to how I feel about this meme.


  1. I still don't get it. I ARE DUM.

    By the way, I swiped your blonde math thing and emailed it around. I think I suceeded in making my whole entire email list pee themselves. SUCESS!! That was a bit reduntant but I do not le care.


  2. Hmm...I don't think I understand what memes are. So I'm looking it up on Wikipedia. This word sorta-kinda seems familiar from my undergraduate days when I studied humanities and psychology and cultural stuff.
    Yeah..and I don't undertand the point of picking your qualities and inventing your own phone number. What's the bloody point?! How is it at all relevant??

  3. Grrr... you got me all excited about taking a quiz, but then I didn't get anything out of it. :( What was that all about? I still don't understand the point.