Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gimme Some Love, Sugah

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone (I don’t see how it could, but whatev), but I love Asians. Especially sweet Asian girls. I miss being surrounded by them. You don’t see a whole lot of Asians in Toulouse, though you see a few. Lately, every time I’ve seen an Asian, I’ve had this strong urge to hug them or fawn over them or something. How odd is that?

Needless to say, I miss my Asian friends (don’t worry, I miss all my non-Asian friends, too!) Last spring, before I knew I was coming to France, I had planned to (someday) go to Taiwan with my friend Tina. I’ve never before had an interest to go to Asia (no offense or nothin’), but thinking about going with her, and buying tons of cheap rip-off purses and sunglasses got me really excited to go. Maybe it was just the shopper in me coming out.

Speaking of shopping, I had a rough week and was looking forward to getting in some shopping therapy today. I headed to Toulouse but only lasted two hours. After one hour, I was getting overwhelmed and anxious (and not finding anything cute), but I forced myself to stick with it for another hour. What is up with me lately? My hypersomnia must be kicking in again. I’ve been an emotional wreck. It’s like I’m PMSing, but it’s not time for that yet. I felt fine on the way to town. I walked to the train feeling all bouncy and content and enjoying France for the first time in a week. The trees that line the path were in bloom. After being cranky for the last two days, I was feeling remarkably better. And then it dissipated while shopping. Isn’t shopping supposed to make me feel better, not worse?

Sigh. When I thought about it, I realized that I always get this way when I shop alone. So clearly, I can’t go shopping alone. But the only people that I enjoy shopping with are my sisters. When I go with other people, I’m too shy to go in all the stores I want to check out. Why, Kusems? Why?? Note to self: add that to the list of things to get right on over.

Well, I bought some gifts for the fam (no, I’m not telling what). I can’t wait until I have money and can actually buy things for myself when I go shopping. It’s not that I don’t buy things for myself, it’s just that I shouldn’t be buying them. I have a three week trip around France to pay for, for goodness’s sake!

Random French weirdness: In the French-dubbed third Lord of the Rings, when Pippin sings his song for the kind of Gondor, the song is dubbed in French. What's up with that?


  1. Helpful hint: Taiwan isn't the best place to buy cheap stuff. If you want tons of knock-off purses and immitation goods, I would go with Hong Kong. I've heard mainland China has a bunch, too, but I've never been there.
    If you want to travel to Asia, you can fly out to visit when I'm there and then you could have a free place to stay. Trust me, my mom would be perfectly happy to have you crash at her place.

  2. Why is it weird that Pippin's song is dubbed in French? The words of the song deal with what's going on in the movie. They relate. You want all the Frenchies to think, "What ze crap iz zis perzon zaying?!"