Friday, May 19, 2006

Pirates and Tattooes

Isn't this the coolest picture ever? Narcissus and I were painting with watercolors the other day, and he made a bit of a mess. He was so proud of his "mega tatouage" (mega tattoes on his forearm, hand, and belly). He was very upset when I told him he had to take his bath.

I painted a picture of pirates...(yes, thank you, I know I'm very talented)

So Narcissus painted a picture of the island where the pirates buried their treasure.

At nighttime, of course. He actually painted the island, then painted over it in black.


  1. I love the ostentatiously-plumed blue hat on the captain! Very nice, kusems!

  2. I never knew you had such artistic talent! Amazing!

  3. that is pretty cool, karenzicus! you have talent, girl :) need to sign that painting asap, just in case, u know, fame hits suddenly...:)

    I love it!

  4. Yours is very good. His is freaking awesome.