Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I called Mama on Mother's Day using a prepaid phone card that required I type in a long code. I read the code and typed it into the phone, thinking "...zero, eight, sept, one..."

Photo: Jody in Glasgow


  1. Hi-
    Well, it's been a really long time! I am not in the whole blogging world but I wanted to say hi! I have heard a lot of people talking about my space so I decided to check it out. I saw that you could look for people by School, and there you were. I just followed links here figured I could catch up with you. I can tell you haven't lost your sense of humor :) Well a LOT has changed for me, but I'll leave you in suspense... Please E-mail me when you can: Aliciawahwah@hotmail.com. Thanks! It would be great to hear from you!
    A bientot-
    Fellow Geeko Club member;)

  2. I didn't mean to imply that you were showing off, I am VERY PROUD of my spelling abilities, (as anyone around you will tell you.....) and the fact that I cannot spell that word IRRITATES THE HELL out of me! lol Fucia? Why can't I spell it? Fuicia? SHEESH!

    Lillies of all kind are my favorite flower too (right next to lilacs but you can only get those for about 3 weeks, so lillies the rest of the year)

    Zoey is so much fun! Right now she is tethered to my desk and is playing with the cord to my lamp (pullllllll it out.....let it fall, PLOP!, yep it happens every time Zoey!)

    I guess I will actually have to learn the name of my blog link now, either that or ctrl c and ctrl v it every time, lol!!!! I don't actually know my own blog link path...sad.

    Have a great week!


  3. OK....I just have to say this...the picture of Jody in Glasgow....it reminds me of the the Blair Witch Project movie. I don't know if you've seen it...but it when the girl puts her face in the front of the camera and just start to just completely lose it. Creepy! :)

  4. That picture has nothing to do with the post. But it's so hot I don't even care. :)