Saturday, May 27, 2006


Sarah and I met today to check out the gigantic Mediatheque Jose Cabanis. A mediatheque is basically a library but one with computers, DVDs and CDs in addition to books. The word is coming to replace the word bibliotheque, which means library, because they make a distinction between a library with books and a library with all the other newfangled stuff. In America, we just call them all libraries. Anyway, this one is pretty new, so it's very architecturally artsy, and they don't have many books. It kind of reminds me of a less hideous version of the Seattle Public Library, simply because it's artsy and there's lots of light and open space (though it's not nearly as artsy as the Seattle Public Library). A crooked picture of the outside:

The artsy interior: (the first pic is the staircase)

And finally, the Seattle Public Library. *barf* The inside is really cool, but the outside is just another blemish to marr Seattle's aesthetic (there are so many...)


  1. Mediatheque..... I LIKE IT! Sounds cool. The public library here has computers, CD and DVD's but you're right we still call it a library. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Have a great weekend, Kusems!

  3. I like the exterior of the Seattle Public Library!
    Speaking of -theques, Kusems, have you been to any discotheques in France?

  4. No, John, no I have not been to a single, freaking discotheque. I was in a nightclub once, but I seem to be cursed to never enter a discotheque in Toulouse. I've tried multiple times.