Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tom Hanks' Hair

Okay, this is hilarious. Everyone in my family (including John) is required to read this (all the way through!) The rest of you should read it if you like Tom Hanks, or if you hate Tom Hanks (how could you?), or if you like reminiscing about 80s and 90s hairstyles. It's good comedy. I don't agree with all the opinions of the author, but I like that someone wrote this piece and took the time to assess Tom Hank's hair through the years.

Grading the career of Tom Hanks' Hair

By the way, I saw the Da Vinci Code last night. I haven't read the book(s), so I don't know how Robert Langdon should be played, but I found Tom Hanks' hair gross. It didn't fit with the way he played the character. Maybe the character is supposed to be slightly arrogant or sleezy or whatever, and then the hair would be perfect, but that's now how Tom played him, so it didn't make sense. All in all, the movie was...well...I'm not sure. My feeling of it matched what people have said about the book. I liked the intrigue and the mysteries, but the whole thing just flowed a little too easily. The twists and turns were expected. And Tom and Amelie were constantly getting into trouble, and at the very last second, Every Single Time, they miraculously escaped. But only sort of, because they kept leaving an easy-to-pick-up trail behind them. After being cornered so many times, I expected them to get smart and cover their tracks, but No! Eh. It was alright.

It also probably didn't help that I was watching it in French. Alas.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. Glad you and your peeps got a kick out of it.

    - The Jay

  2. kusems,
    I read the Tom Hanks' Hair article and I found it strange yet satisfying. It made me realize how many movies Tom Hanks has been in over the past 20 years and how very different his hair was in each movie. I personally like the "trademark" look - like in Green Mile or the second half of Joe vs. the Volcano.

    I like the look of this new blog. Crisp! Clean!

  3. I don't like this hair style on Tom Hanks. My friend was saying that hes too old to be sporting this hair style. I don't know...I just don't it on him. Weird, eh?